How time flies!

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One year and 4 months,  thats how long it’s been since last I wrote here. I guesd I kind of gave up on blogging, sucked into the mire of Facebook, discouraged by no traffic here. But then, was I really doing this for recognition?  Or was I doing it for myself?

A lot has happened since last I wrote. A lot of good things, maybe a few bad too, but theyve led to even better things! I dont know what Word Press has done, but right now I can only access it via my phone, and I abhor writing on my phone, so lm cutting this short . …., But I promise to be back soon.



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Baton Rouge Airport is not  a very large place, in fact it can be completely walked from end-to-end in less than 10 minutes. I have spent the last three hours of my life here, and I think I’d rather just stay here. There is nothing holy for me to reflect upon today, but I honestly think I’m supposed to be here. Of course I’ll have to go back to North Carolina, and I’m sure desire to stay in Louisiana will fade with time.

But I can’t help thinking a much more meaningful life awaits me here. Maybe it’s because I don’t get to spend very much time here, and that makes everything seem so much more fantastic, but I feel a spiritual connection with this place. I love that they have their own Catholic tv station… Not EWTN, but one run by the Baton Rouge diocese! How cool is that?

That’s the thing, Catholicism is soooo strong here, its as if it is a special connection, like the church gets a little more attention here than in other parts of.the country.


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So the new year finds me in a hotel room in Baton Rouge I was supposed to vacate 24 hours ago, waiting for a plane I was supposed to board 24 hours ago. It’s not my fault, I was depending on someone else who told me we were leaving today, when we were actually supposed to leave yesterday. It’s noones fault really, we looked at this time and that time so many times, everyone was confused. I just have the unique position of being as innocent in this as both my children.

But it’s got me thinking about responsibility, or the lack thereof, and since it is the new year, I think I may have found my resolution framework. I have to be a better Father, and a better husband. I’m tired of making the same mistakes, and I need to change this, and now.

Short fuse

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I know, I know. Long time no see right? Well, sometimes life has a way of getting out of hand and you find that something that you really love to do you’re no longer doing. For instance, I love to write in journals. I love the feel of the book in my hands I love how anything that I want to put on the paper I can put there. Drawings, homes, lottery tickets that were almost my way out of poverty, just anything you want to put in it, there it does. And I always start of a new journal that this time it’ll be different I’ll keep up with it on a daily basis, and then 2 years
go by and I’ve got 20 pages written then. The same holds true with blogs but never say die, I’m going to try this once more. I’ve got a new phone that has voice commands so I’m hoping that maybe that will help me to express myself a
little bit more. We’ll see.


An open letter to Patricia Heaton

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“I must be good for something, but then I could be wrong. I guess all I can do is carry on.” ~Eeyore~

mea culpa

\ˌmā-ə-ˈku̇l-pə, ˌmā-ä-, -ˈku̇l-(ˌ)pä\
 : a formal acknowledgment of personal fault or error

Dear Ms. Heaton,

Mea cupla? Hardly. Let me start off by saying that I admire you for the way you stand up for yourself , your beliefs, and standards. It must be tough to have such strong family values while wading your way through the vast inequity that Hollywood has become. Your one class act Ms. Heaton, and I applaud you for your convictions.

With that being said, I don’t really think you had any reason to rescind what you said about Ms. Fluke. I mean sure, the condoms in Jr. High thing was a little rough, but worthy of an apology? I don’t think so.

Let’s face it Patricia (may I call you Patricia?) there are simply not enough good people in the limelight that stand up for their beliefs, and to do so is anything but mea culpa. Ms. Fluke recently wrote on her Twitter account “The recent personal attacks are an attempt to silence the voices of women.”… Really?? Were going to play that game?

Pay them no mind, the devil prowling about, roaring like a lion and all that.

“I go to the rock” by Raymond Myles

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Raymond Myles is a New Orleans Treasure, and his songs make me feel so much better when I’m feeling down.

Wrath…..Epic Fail.

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* “You have heard that it was said,x ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’

39y But I say to you, offer no resistance to one who is evil. When someone strikes you on (your) right cheek, turn the other one to him as well.”

I should have remembered that this past Saturday. Ever have someone just insult you so badly that you want to hit them? I have, on numerous occasions. I used to be a bouncer, so it comes with the territory. I have been called some of the foulest things you can imagine, and taken it all in stride, but all it took was come kid calling me one little name to throw me over the edge the other day.

He was mad at me. Mad, because I would not let him use a woman’s debit card to pay for the fliers he was printing for an X-rated nightclub event he was promoting. The last name didn’t even match his, and it was nothing personal, strictly a rule the College -and the state- expect us to adhere to. I don’t like dealing with these sleazy club guys, but were expected to serve everyone, so I keep my opinions about their trade to myself mostly,save for venting every now and then to my boss about non-payment and run-ins like this.

How bad of a Catholic am I?!? 10 & 1/2 hours before Palm Sunday, and I’m giving serious consideration jumping over the counter and pounding someones head because he said something disparaging about me. I was in the right, I had no reason to feel offended, yet there I was,  madder than a hornet. In my defense, I did not curse at him, nor did I threaten him with anything more than having the Police remove him from Campus (These guys don’t go to College here, they just figured out we have the cheapest color copies in town, so they come here).

I guess my question is, how do I get to that point? How do I reach that lofty, desirable plateau where turning the other cheek becomes so easy? Because I’m obviously no there yet!