“Sin speaks to the sinner

in the depths of his heart.

There is no fear of God

before his eyes.”

This line from the morning readings of Liturgy of the hours today really stuck with me, and I wanted to look further into it. When you are in that state of sin, it beguiles you, doesn’t it? You make up rationalizations for doing what you have done (whatever that particular sin may be), and if you rationalize it enough, the idea of it being a sin is completely taken away, and the fear of having betrayed God, of letting him down, is gone.

The only thing remaining is that fleeting pleasure you get from whatever sin you have committed.  Gluttony, sloth, adultery, whatever it may be, it becomes OK, and you can look at it and say; “Well, it really doesn’t change who I am, so whats the big deal if I eat too much, talk trash about a neighbor or coworker, ignore my parents, or look at internet porn? Im still a good person!!” Ahhhh, but are you really?Or has your fear of  what comes after sin been dulled  because you have let yourself be duped by Satan?

I have given up Facebook, and instead, taken up reading for Lent. Currently, I’m reading “Sinner” by Lino Rulli, and I have to say it is a pretty good read. Alot of it seems to be light reading, but each chapter has a message, and they all seem to come together for one bigger message; we are all sinners, and it’s never too late to repent. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll read “The Screwtape Letters” next. I had started that a while ago, but got off track with it. It’s not the books fault really,the blame lies with me, because I can never seem to find enough time to read these days. Giving up FaceBook seems to have been a really good idea, because Im not on the internet nearly as much. Maybe I should give it up for good?


~ by keystone28 on 02/29/2012.

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