iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta

Just when you thought you had all the apps you needed for your iPhone, Leonardo Parenti  comes up with an app that makes it highly unlikely. The new and vastly improved iBreviary is out, and -if it is really possible- supersedes the old one by leaps and bounds.I’ll give you a little insight here…

The app is split up into five categories; Breviary, Missal, Lectures, Prayers and Rites. Breviary includes Office of Readings, Lauds, Daytime Prayers, Vespers and Compline. Missal includes Mass’ Order, Readings & Prayers, Preface, Eucharistic Prayer, Faithfuls’ Prayer. Lectures contains readings for the day, and can be downloaded for the week. Prayers includes Complimentary Psalmody, Office for the Dead (Office of Readings) Office for the Dead (Lauds/Vespers), Saturday Memorial of the B.V. Mary (office of readings)….Well, it goes on for quite a while, but thats a pretty good sample of the prayers section. Rites includes not as many entries, but still a hefty amount of info for the price…. How much is it you ask? I understand that pretty soon it might actually cost something, but for now it’s absolutely free! Now, I stole the rest of this from a website called iSnoops, but they pretty much cover everything else adequately, so I’ve included an excerpt from their review:

iBreviary is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and contains:
– Breviary, Missal and Lectionary complete in 7 languages and continuously updated
(Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian, English and Latin)
– The text of the Breviary and the Missal in the Vetus Ordo Ambrosian Rite and Latin
– All the main prayers of the Christian
– Rituals for the sacraments and celebrations
– The liturgical texts used in the Holy Land
Also iBreviary “Pro Terra Sancta” offers, than the first version of iBreviary:
– The new section, “Rites”, with all the rituals and texts for the various celebrations
Catholic (Adoration of the Eucharist, the Sacraments, Blessings, etc.).
– The brand new “Terra Sancta” the liturgical texts used in the Holy Land
– Keep in touch through the blog and the pages of the Franciscans
Holy Places.
– A rich section dedicated to Saints
– Store a day on any device
– Full management of saved days (selection and cancellation)
– Unlimited storage days (something very much in demand by those who want to download
a bit ‘of days for travel or long period without internet access from your iPhone /
– Instantly download the entire week (continuing to quietly
use the application without having to wait for the download).
– Enlarge and diminish the character of the text, with the flick of the fingers
on the screen (Pinch-to-Zoom)
– The ability to adjust the color of the background for a better
reading of texts
– Application Languages: Italian, Inglese, Español, Deutsch, Française, Românã
– Content Languages: Italian, Inglese, Español, Français, Română, Latinum
– Languages constantly updated content.
– A new graphical interface


If you have an iPhone, jump on iTunes and download this nifty app as soon as you are able, because it’s really worth your while.


~ by keystone28 on 04/07/2011.

One Response to “iBreviary Pro Terra Sancta”

  1. I had the old iBreviary on my iPod so I will want to see how this one compares. I also have Divine Office, which I was using more than iBreviary because I could download several days at a time. That’s a lot of good stuff on one app! At first glance, this looks really good! Thanks for the heads-up!

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