The New Mass; The Faith Explained

OK, so I’m not going to explain it, because I don’t really know it, but I do have this nifty new iPhone app to tell me everything I need! Well, that’s the promise they’ve made anyway, and as far as the Order of the Mass Tab goes, they seem to do a fairly good job of explaining the New Mass.I’ve read one review where the reviewer complained that it


You start off with the current for of the Mass, which they call “Old Text”. This should be fairly self explanatory, as the next tab is labeled “New Text”, followed by a tab titled “Reason”, as you can see from the illustrations of the app. I will admit,I have not used the other features of the App, and quite honestly, I have this on here  for when we finally do switch over, I can follow along, but for right now, I don’t look at it so much. The “Reason” for the new mass leaves something to be desired. But to be honest, do we really need to know the reasons for the change? Isn’t it enough that the Church has made these decisions? For me, just knowing where the changes have been made is enough.


Personally, I like that the app doesn’t crash, and that it’s easy to read. The FX blog is interesting too, but like I said, I really  want to know just about the New Mass. The app also includes the authors (Cale Clark) Facebook and Twitter feeds, just in case you were interested.


My only real problem with this app was the $2.99 I paid for it. But in the grand scheme of things, that’s not a bad price for an app that I’m sure will come in handy this November!


~ by keystone28 on 03/15/2011.

2 Responses to “The New Mass; The Faith Explained”

  1. I think it is good, necessary, and should be encouraged that the laity question the church’s decisions. Thereby, we keep her on her toes. I do believe that she’s gone off the deep end before.
    It doesn’t mean that questioners are evil, that they are doing evil, or that they want to incite argument or play Devil’s Advocate. It just means that they deeply care about orthodoxy and don’t take it for granted that the clerical hierarchy will always maintain it.

  2. It’s a GOOD app; I downloaded it the other day. I like how you can read the “old” then the “new” then the “why.” It was worth $3 for the tutorial through the changes in the Mass.
    As to “do we need to know why they made the change” it is kind of interesting to learn that this response is based on that Gospel passage, etc. Guess I’m a geek that way.

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