Bad people…..

I like to think that all people are good. Deep down, they are kind, loving people, you know? The kind we’d all like to be, the type of people we as Christians and Catholics strive to be like. St. Francis is quoted as having said “Preach the gospel at all times….and use words when necessary”….I want to believe in that too, and it’s something I personally strive for, but Lord above help me, these people I work with are just sooooo mean!


Someone left their personal journal at work the other day by mistake; It was sitting on this persons desk, very obviously a journal. An elegant affair, hard back, 6.5 X 9.0 or so, royal green cloth page marker to mark his place. Let me stop here and say I have kept a journal for the better part of 20+ years, and  I love the idea of my sons being able to read what I thought long after I’m gone from this mortal coil. But I don’t want anyone reading it right now! Makes sense, right? Friends, one of my coworkers took his journal and read it aloud to the rest of the office…… I was mortified! His innermost thoughts, his doubts, fears, self loathing was nothing more than a joyous moment of glee for them! I kept hoping the person reading from it would put it down, and I finally just said in the loudest voice I could: “LALALALALALALA I CANT HEAR ANYTHING YOU”RE SAYING!!! LALALALALALALALA!!! Juvenile perhaps, but my message was clear, and the reading of his journal ceased. But the damage has been done, the things that were read aloud are so embarrassing, and I’m really upset about this!


The person in question has had a lot of problems in the past year or so. Both personal and work related, and has pretty much made himself a pariah amongst his coworkers in the process. But I still feel sympathy for him! I still think he should be given his meter of dignity, just like any of us would want, and this affront to his deepest doubts is unforgivable!! I fear my response was weak and limp wristed. I should have said something more, I should have defended his right to privacy! But instead all I did was….nothing, not really. But this was two days ago, so what do I do now? I fear my response would be too late. It just amazes me how mean adults can be to one another! I’d expect this from children, but not grown ups!


So what do I do??



~ by keystone28 on 02/16/2011.

3 Responses to “Bad people…..”

  1. Wow, sounds like you work with the cast of “Mean Girls.” I cannot believe a group of adults would do that!

  2. Wow, I cannot believe a group of professional adults in a professional setting would do such a cruel and unnecessary thing to someone else. I think what you did was exactly what needed to be done, especially since it put a stop to the debauchery. Some people don’t have or have lost their moral compass, it seems. I think that’s when people who have a heart need to be heard louder and more clearly. Lead by example and let your faith shine through your actions. 🙂

  3. It got worse; They anonymously turned in the pages of his journal (they made copies of them) in to his boss. It forced the big bosses hand, and my boss had to resign his position, so now he’s not only depressed and in need of help, he’s also unemployed.

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