So soon??

I saw the post on Face Book yesterday, and couldn’t believe it, so I googled and found the following. “Chris “Kodar” Radok Becomes Charlotte’s First Murder Victim of 2011″… Radok??? Dead?? No, it cant be the same guy I’ve known for 20+ years! He’s such a nice guy, who would want to hurt him? Sadly, it was true, and my friend is now dead. Cedar Posts and Barbwire Fences had this to say: ‘Christopher Radok arrived at his home on a snowy Monday to find convicted felon and repeat offender Antoine Young inside his East Charlotte home on Purser Drive.

Chris apparently entered his home and was confronted by Young who had a knife.

Police found Chris bleeding and unresponsive lying on the floor. He had been stabbed a number of times including what was noted as defensive wounds on his hands and arms and police knew the situation was grim. When paramedics arrived they could not revive Chris Radok and he was pronounced dead at the scene.’

I knew Chris pretty well; he was always at shows with his camera, and since I had hung out at the Milestone “back in the day” and had worked at Tremont Music Hall, we knew each other pretty well. He’d always stop and talk, maybe not much -he was a man of few words- but he always stopped to talk….. Now he’s gone.

Why? Why do these terrible things happen to such good folk? He was a photographer, that’s what he loved, thats what he did for a living. he wasn’t a drug dealer, or a child molester, or a pimp, he was a guy who took pictures for a living! What the hell?!?! Why would anyone want to kill him?!?! What purpose does his or will his  demise serve? I haven’t a clue, and I’m trying very hard not to be angry, to go back to Adri Szewczyk‘s post about suffering, and the notion of the needlepoint work Padre Pio spoke of. There has to be an answer, there has to be some sort of good that will come out of this that we haven’t seen yet, right? Right? Well why can’t I see it? Why cant I get past this anger welling up inside me? I dont believe in the death penalty, so I don’t want this guy dead…….But I do want him to suffer. I want him to work on a road gang for the next 60 years, laying asphalt, pulling up tree stumps, real “Cool Hand Luke” type stuff…But that’s worng of me too, and I know it….But I’m still mad.

I have tried to find a good prayer for my friend, and for me and my friends he left behind who are so angry about this, but haven’t found anything really good. Does anyone have any suggestions?


~ by keystone28 on 01/12/2011.

One Response to “So soon??”

  1. All I’ve got is this one:

    Most high, all glorious, good God,
    Bring light to the darkness of my heart.
    Give me right faith, firm hope, and perfect charity,
    With wisdom and insight, O Lord, that I may always discern
    Your holy and true will.

    (I’m sure you will recognize it.)

    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. And may all who mourn his loss be comforted.

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