So we were having dinner Saturday night with my side of the family; our Christmas begins early due to proximity, or the lack thereof, and somehow the conversation turned to the Blessed Mother and her Son…. Always interesting when your family is Protestant, and barely that. No

Well my BIL (being the type of guy he is) has to cause mischief & controversy when he shows up for family functions; I suspect he thinks it makes him an endearing and memorable character. While he is family, and I do care about him, this tends to be tedious at best, & when he argues with us about Catholic theology, it becomes downright caustic and infuriating.

In this case he argued with us over the Blessed Mother and her grace. He insisted that Mary was born with original sin and that Jesus was the one born without sin….. Now, I know my faith, and I know Mary was born without the original sin, and I suspect he knew that too. I think he was just trying to throw rocks at the proverbial hornets nest.

So my question to you dear friends, is how do you deal with people like this? I could sense he had great fun insulting us (because he was after all, a guest in our house,at our dinner table, ridiculing our faith), but he is my sisters husband, & out of respect for her we just told him to stop. But he does this a lot, and it is growing tedious….So how should I handle this?


~ by keystone28 on 12/22/2010.

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