Funny how small things can change your life, isn’t it? You move the wrong way, doing something you shouldn’t be doing, and your back goes out, crippling you for months. You go through rehabilitation, get stronger, more sure of yourself, and when you finally feel the weight of the world slip from your shoulders, the roof comes crashing down on your head. It has been a VERY rough 5 or 6 months for me and my family, but I’m happy to tell you were starting to get better. There were days though, that the pain and anguish were the most real they have ever been for me, and I would have gladly given my life up if need be.


Anyway, I just wanted to tell anyone who may stop by here from time to time, that yes, I am still around, and that you should keep coming by, as I’m planning on writing more in the following days. Merry Christmas all.


~ by keystone28 on 12/18/2010.

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  1. Glad to see that things are looking up for you and your family! With prayers that you will all have a blessed Christmas.

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