So, for the past 3 weeks, I have been in excruciating pain. It is no secret that I have had back probles over the past 20 years, but it has always been anagable with a little restraint, medication, stretching, and physical therapy….Not so this time.

No, this time (after two weeks of unending pain in my lower right side) my back pain found me in the emergency room one bright morning having a CT scan. The verdict was ruptured discs in L 3,4,5, and S1. I was given a shot of morphine, a prescription for Vicodin, and an appointment to see a back specialist.

Well thankfully I married to a nurse who is never satisfied, because we ended up going to a Neurologist instead (the same one who works for the Carolina Panthers and Nascar legend Richard Petty). He did not like the CT scan, and ordered an MRI. The final analysis? A ruptured disc in L5 that was wedged against a nerve cluster, and out patient surgery. I had 4 days before surgery and the pain only got worse. Honestly, the pain radiated from the small of my back, all the way down my leg into the arch of my right foot. It was only truly managable by standing up, or by laying on my left side at a certain angle, but for 4 days and nights, I had very little sleep or respite from the pain. I cried, I cursed, I begged for relief. It was honestly the most pain I have ever experienced in my life.

To be honest, I didnt really get any relief until I went and talked to Father, and had the annointing of the sick. It’s funny, because the moment he placed the oils on my forehead, I felt the pain go out of my body. Of course, it was back 3 minutes later, but that 3 or 4 minutes of relief gave me soe clarity, and fro there on out, I offered my pain up to Christ, I prayed when the pain shot through me down to the very bone, and it helped get me thru those last few days before surgery.

So here I am, 3rd day of recovery, and I feel pretty good! It might be the muscle relaxers, but I like to think it’s something else!


~ by keystone28 on 07/26/2010.

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  1. I suffer chronic pain and know on a regular basis what it is to live with the sort of pain that leads a person to take a long walk off a tall building because nothing else seems to work.

    I know the temporary relief you are talking about. I like to think it’s a picture of the perfection which already exists in the Kingdom of God, yet isn’t fully experienced.

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