Pisgah National Forest is one of my most favorite places in the world……Heck, the entire range of Blue Ridge  mountains within the boundaries of North Carolina rates in my top 3 places out of any in the world) to live. So it is with great anticipation and glee that I look forward to every visit we have there. But I have a secret….I want to come here, every now and then, alone. Sometimes I just don’t get the feeling that I get everything out of our visits that I could. Sometimes I’m so awed by what is around me, that I just want to sit and pray, and with family along, that’s not really possible.

Is that bad of me? selfish? To want some time alone in the woods? I mean ultimately, I have more fun with my family, and I don’t necessarily want to be alone for a day, but just an hour or so would do. In the past, when my Father-In-Law and I would go on hunting trips to Louisiana, I’d take time in my tree stand to just sit and watch, and it meant more to me than getting a deer. I’d sit 30 feet up in my tree stand, my back against a sturdy pine, and I’d sway back and forth in the cool air with the tree, almost as if I was part of it, and I’d pray. The Bogue Chitto would roll gently by on my right hand side, and the wind would rustle throught the pines trees to my left, and I’d sit there and silently count out the beads on my rosary contently.

I miss that, I really do, that connection with nature, and when we go to places like Mt. Mitchell (The highest peak east of the Mississippi), and start walking down a trail, I find myself wanting a little quiet time. When you’re up there, and you can see the cold front coming UP the mountain towards you? And the temperature goes from 65 to 42 degrees in a matter of minutes? You feel as if you’re part of the bigger picture.

Does any of this make sense? I’m thinking there is something utterly Franciscan about this desire, but I cant put it into words.


~ by keystone28 on 07/11/2010.

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