A message for me??

Brothers and sisters, I have not been true to our Lady….I haven’t been praying the rosary as I used to, and because of that, I have fallen short on some of the practices of The Seven Virtues, and quite frankly, have not endeavored myself to right these grievous wrongs. I keep meaning to, but -as it is with all things- “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”….   And apparently, I’m driving the asphalt truck. or would that be assphalt? At any rate, you get my drift. So were at mass this evening, and I go into my pocket to get my rosary from the little blue rosary case I have, and it falls into my hand as you see it above…..I think someone is trying to tell me something.

Why do we do it? Fall away from the virtues I mean. I work hard on them, I really do, but sometimes you get selfish, sometimes you don’t want to show people kindness, patience or charity. Sometimes, humility seems to be the hardest thing to display, chastity and temperance seem so easy to ignore, or gloss over, sometimes diligence seems to be such a hassle….

But we need them all, don’t we? And if you shirk one, they all seem to fall like dominoes. So you smile when you don’t want to, you offer when you just want to be selfish, you avert your eyes and you eat one cookie instead of six or seven. But it is soooo hard, and it’s soooo easy to just give in.. So I shirked my prayers, I shirked the virtues, and I received a message this evening, a reminder that it’s not my choice, that I have a mission now, a family to protect and guide to a better place, and if I ignore my obligations, that mission is just as broken and useless as rosary in three pieces. But they both can be fixed, the links brought together again….They can always be repaired.


~ by keystone28 on 06/14/2010.

2 Responses to “A message for me??”

  1. Peace brother,
    I read somewhere that ‘neglience is an extreme thing’. What you say is true – the way ‘is hard and the gate narrow’. And, in a way it is even harder than you describe. We can’t just go through the motion of loving – of being kind, forgiven, patient. There must be REAL LOVE behind it otherwise we ‘draw near to’ God with ‘our lips but our heart is far away’. Where does this leave us? As always, broken. We can try to cover up, console ourselves with the fact that we are trying harder and doing better than most people (everyone!) we know – and limp along, deluded. Or we can crawl, in all our brokenness t the foot of the cross, seeking mercy, healing, grace and the power of God to truly change. It is hard but, really, the only way to be saved, to become alive in God.

    I notice you have a lot of Franciscan blogs on your blog wall. maybe you could visit my blog. I am also a Franciscan – for 30 years now – and would like to know what you think. Peace and all good to you brother.

  2. Peace Brother Joseph! I know of your blog, and frequent it quite often! I dont leave comments all the time, but I’m the same person who commented on your musical post.

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