Prayer to the Holy Family

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, like you we are members of the Father’s family. We pray that our family love may reflect his love on its openness to all people. May we forgive even when not forgiven, and be patient with others’ weaknesses.

Jesus, give us peace, unit and strength to meet the difficulties of daily living. May we use our family resources to improve the quality of life for ourselves and all people. Let us show joy in serving, for whatever we do for others, we do for you.

Mary, inspire us, that our love may be strong but not possessive. Let our willingness to give depend on the needs of others rather than on the cost of giving.

Joseph, help us to be attentive to the Father’s will. Let us be ready, as you were, to act whenever he calls us.


I need to pray this daily. I have been short with my own family, selfish of my time, and I regret it. But how do you change these things for all time? I don’t want to make these mistakes anymore, I don’t want to repeat my transgressions, but yet I find myself doing so time and time again. Last night I found myself yelling at my wife (I never do that) because she left a pen in her hospital scrubs, and it ruined my LSU T-shirt….Two years in a row, I have bought a new LSU T-shirt, and for two years in a row they have been ruined by a pen in the laundry machine. I didn’t mean to yell, but I found myself hollering “Dangit!! Twice!! What the heck!?!”  OK, so it’s not like I abused her or anything, and I suppose it is a pretty lame thing, but still, I feel bad for losing my temper.

What do I do to change my ways? Why am I so selfish? I don’t understand.


~ by keystone28 on 06/11/2010.

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