Memorial day….What do we do with it? Do we take the day off? Cruise around the lake with friends? Enjoy time with our family? Grill some hamburgers and bratwurst? Do we enjoy that rare Monday morning that we can sleep in? What do we do to truly make it Memorial day?  Well, I had to work, so there wasn’t a whole lot I could do, but I took time out to remember a few people this afternoon.  First and foremost, always my Uncle Norman. He was in the 28th infantry, and entered the Battle of the Huertgen Forest in October of 1944 at the age of 17.  Why do I remember him? Because we take things for granted. We ignore what has been done in the past for us, and we need to pay these brave men and women a little bit of respect. My friend Barb has a good post about it, and asks the question; “Whats there to be happy about?”. Happy indeed; It’s supposed to be a day we honor the dead, recall our fallen comrades (for those of us who served) and reflect on the gifts we have been given at the cost of their lives.

Well, if you did not take time to remember anyone,  remember the 37 men of the USS Stark FFG-31 that were killed in the Persian Gulf on May 17th, 1987. here are a few names to think about.

Bolduc, Doran H.
Brown, Braddi O.
Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class
Calkins, Jeffry L.
Fire Control Technician 3rd Class
Caouette, Mark R.
Ciletta Jr., John A.
Clinefelter, Brian M.
Seaman Recruit
Daniels, Antonio A.
Operations Specialist 3rd Class
DeAngelis, Christopher
Engineering Technician 3rd Class
Dunlap, James S.
Interior Communications Electrician 3rd Class
Erwin, Steven T.
Sonar Technician Surface (SN)
Farr, Jerri B.
Radioman 2nd Class
Foster, Vernon T.
Quartermaster (CS)
Grissett, Dexter D.
Radioman (SA)
Hansen, William R.
Fire Control Technician 3rd Class
Homicki, Daniel
Gunner’s Mate Guns 3rd Class
Janusik Jr., Kenneth D.
Operations Specialist (SN)
Kendall, Steven E.
Operations Specialist 3rd Class
Kiser, Stephen
Electrician’s Mate (CS)
Lockett, Ronnie G.
Signalman 1st Class
MacMullen, Thomas J.
Gunner’s Mate Missiles 1st Class
Electronic Warfare Technician 3rd Class
Phelps, Jeffrei L.
Seaman Apprentice
Pierce, Randy E.
Data Systems Technician 1st Class
Plonsky, James
Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class
Quick, Kelly R.
Engineering Technician 3rd Class
Ryals, Earl P.
Signalman (SN)
Shippee, Robert L.
Fire Control Technician (CS)
Sibley, Jeffrey C.
Signalman (SA)
Stephens, Lee
Operations Specialist 3rd Class
Stevens, James R.
Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class
Supple, Martin J.
Engineering Technician 3rd Class
Tweady, Gregory L.
Engineering Technician 1st Class
Ulmer, Vincent L.
Watson, Joseph P.
Electronic Warfare Technician 3rd Class
Weaver II, Wayne R.
Engineering Technician 3rd Class
Weldon, Terrance
Operations Specialist (SN)
Wilson, Lloyd A.
Interior Communications Electrician 2nd Class

~ by keystone28 on 06/01/2010.

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