I stare at myself in the mirror, shake my head and I sigh… How is it that you are so ignorant Steve? Why do you  keep doing the same stupid things over and over? The thorns are thick, vicious, malignant, and you know theyre there, but you grab at them anyhow….

I think of the incident, the young kid yelling at me, my bruised pride, my ever present pride, welling up and overflowing with indignant outrage, a dictator of my soul, it holds me in  thrall as I say things I automatically regret. I think to myself; “you’re 45 years old you idiot! You’re arguing with a kid who is young enough to be your grandchild!”……..But still, the arguement rolls on.

It was stupid, and -according to the NC DOT- I was in the right, but why? Why do I let these things sway me? Why do I let them dictate how I will act? Have I learned nothing at all?


~ by keystone28 on 03/26/2010.

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