My oldest son and I went (alone) to 5:00 PM mass yesterday; His little brother wasn’t feeling good, so he stayed home, taking a much needed nap with his Momma. While I wish they could have made it, I nevertheless enjoyed the time alone with Boudreaux. We stayed for a while after Mass, going through the final pages of “Light of Christ”, the manual he has to finish to get the Cub Scout religion medal. he was very attentive, and  -much to my surprise- knew more than I thought he did. He was especially interested in the Stations of the cross, so this coming Friday we are going to attend the stations, so he can see what they are all about.

It got me to thinking,  this walk through our church, and I think that life is a lot like a boat ride. While you yourself may be very comfortable with the water, and know your way around a boat, your children don’t. So while you want them to enjoy themselves, you also want to make sure they’re safe. So you get them swimming lessons, life preservers, sunblock, a big wide brimmed floppy hat, sunglasses, you take a long a little terrycloth robe to cover them up with in case they get a chill or get too much sun…… You do what you need to do, to ensure their safety on the water, right?

Well why wouldn’t you do the same thing for them in all situations? isn’t our journney through life a bit like a boat ride?

Recent developments with Faith formation in my parish have been met with grumblings of discontent. There is an effort to extend Faith formation to 10th grade, and it has some parents all worked up into a tizzy. “Tenth?! TENTH?!?” said one of my scout parents as I walked in the door to our weekly meeting. I assume she was posing this question to me, as my wife is one of the teachers. I told her I thought it was a good idea, but she went on to say how it was going to intrude on the other family projects; scouts, dance recitals, etc. I didn’t say much, instead I focused on our meeting and the upcoming Blue and Gold banquet.

But I thought to myself, shouldn’t keeping your kids out of hell supersede dance recitals or football practice? Isn’t that our mission as parents, to keep them secure in this proverbial boat, safe from the hazards on these rough and tumultuous seas?


~ by keystone28 on 03/15/2010.

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