Easy does it? Maybe not…….

The great French poet Arthur Rimbaud once said: “The mind of the populace is an abominable itch of idiocy“, and while I know he didn’t mean it in the context I’m going to use it in, it nevertheless, still applies.

I have been thinking about all the wonderful “apps” and computer programs that have surfaced recently in reference to our Faith. Currently on iTunes, there are 171 Catholic iPhone apps, 214 Catholic podcasts and 2,000,000 reference points on google for the term “Catholic computer program”….I didnt check them all out, so I’m sure a great many of the Google hits just mention those words, and I know a handful of the Podcasts considered Catholic really just found their way into the category as a fluke, but the rest are definitely of Catholic origin. I didn’t even think to look into how many blogs there are.

St. Francis once said “It is no use walking anywhere to preach unless our walking is our preaching.” and I find myself wondering, are we doing a disservice to our faith by relying on podcasts,blogs and apps? Are WE responsible for the “dumbing down” our own faith? I have a series of 20 or so podcasts I listen to. I don’t listen to them all, not every single week, but I do listen to them. I also listen to “The Son rise morning show” on EWTN on my way to work, and to “The Catholic Guy, with Lino Rulli” on my way home on Sirius……But I don’t rely on them. They are a source of education and entertainment, and (in the Case of Lino)  a source of amusement, but they don’t replace anything.

I’m sure that these are all produced by fine, well-meaning people, but should we be spending more time with real books instead of apps on our phones? Should we maybe go to a Parish workshop instead of listening to “The Catholics next door”, or iPadre? Is the physical experience of sitting in Church, holding an actual book, seeing the faces of others and interacting with them being sold short by good intentions?

In Wall-e, the human race has turned into this morbidly obese glob of simpletons, victims of their own creations. Are we -to a lesser extent- following this path? Do we really need a computer program to give us the order of the Liturgy of the hours, or should we take the time to hold our very own copy in our hands? Should we read it for ourselves, and find someone who is there every night for vespers, and ask them to help us understand? Or should we just take the easy way out? Should we gently run our fingers across a set of hand carved rosary beads, or should we just press the enter button when we want to pray the next bead?

There is something to be said for the corporeal, and I think it’s being sold short.


~ by keystone28 on 03/06/2010.

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