The ashes have all been distributed, and so Lent for 2010 begins. I love Lent, I really and truly do. It’s the one season in the liturgical year when we get a proverbial pimp slap upside our heads and the warning: “WAKE UP!! YOU HAVE TO DO BETTER!!”. I love that! At Christmas were nicer to one another,we have  parties to go to, good food to eat, wine to drink, and it’s just a joyous, wonderful time.

But Lent, oh my beloved Lent! That time of year when you stop, look at yourself and say: “Yeah, I know, I know, I can change things, do something more, and I will”. We are strongly nudged towards what is right, towards what we should be doing all year round, and it feels good!

I thought about what I was going to give up, and to be honest, I always fail. Moreover, the things I always try to give up are things I shouldn’t be doing in the first place anyway!! I eat too much and spend way to much time being lazy already (what did you think I meant?? Get your minds out of the gutter!!), so I have decided on the following:

  1. I will help out at the “40 Days for Life” mission on the Campus I work at. Since I am subcontracted here, this might not last very long. My boss is a really big liberal, and if he gets wind of this, I wont be able to directly participate. However, I will still help from a distance, in whatever way I can.
  2. I am helping a friend to promote her book store, St. John of God Catholic Books, by designing flyers and Holy cards with the stores information on the back of them. I am also doing a flyer for “New Catholic Media” (I just included this website because I like it), listing some of the more notable Catholic podcasts, apps and blogs for people to check out.
  3. I am handing out Rosaries for The Rosary Army. there is more to it than just handing them out; You cant put them in the Narthex, you cant hand them out En Masse, you have to have a specific “call” or “sign” that a rosary is appropriate. Think about it; what a great ministry! It gets you out talking to more people, and gets you involved in something besides your own piece of the world view.
  4. I am joining a formation class for Secular Franciscans finally. I’ve been hemming and hawing over it for years, and they recently moved our Secular Franciscans to my church, so I have no more excuses.

I have also recently taken up doing the Liturgy of the hours, the Chaplet of Divine mercy, attending meeting of “Men of  Veritas”, the prayer group Fr. Remo has put together for us, I’m doing kitchen prep for Lenten dinners with KofC when I can, AND I’m stilla den leader for Cub Scouts! So what, do you guys think I’m going to burn out here? Let me know!


~ by keystone28 on 02/18/2010.

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