That was it?

So that was it? This 30 second advertisement from Tim Tebow and his mom was what everyone was so worked up into a tizzy over? I think as the morning breaks on a new day, those who so vehemently opposed this ad will find themselves feeling more than a little foolish. But I have to wonder; WHY did they oppose it so? Was it because of the content, or was it because they so desperately want to hide the truth of the ad from the public?

Armstrong Williams has a great article in the Washington times, where he says: ”

Erin Matson, the new vice president of NOW, called the ad “hate masquerading as love” and labeled it an “anti-choice” missive. Feminist lawyer Gloria Allred went further, claiming that Mrs. Tebow made up her story about rejecting an abortion. How ridiculous, insulting and certainly insensitive.

Why are the relativists always the first to cast judgment on the religious, while the religious reserve judgment not so that their own beliefs will remain unchallenged, but because they either fear the reactions of those they are judging or are trying to “judge not, lest [they] be judged” themselves?”…..Indeed. I found this video ( see below) and thought it a little more than appropriate. Where was the outrage and seething comment from the Pro-Life movement over this? Where was our fist shaking, our bucking and braying?  Again, hmmmmmm….Oh yeah, I almost forgot!  GEAUX SAINTS!!


~ by keystone28 on 02/08/2010.

One Response to “That was it?”

  1. It was so low-key I almost missed it until I saw the tackle (that was cute). NOTHING to get all upset over, that’s for sure. I was kind of disappointed that there wasn’t more to it.

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