But some of us already knew this, didn’t we?

Pope offers St. Francis as model for spiritual renewal

Indeed! One could hardly ask for a better model for any of us! Pope Benedict XVI  devoted his Wednesday audience  to that “true giant of sanctity who continues to enthrall many people of all ages and religious beliefs.”

I’ve been thinking about this, about the press release from VIS, and about my own role in my faith, and I think I’m moving closer towards becoming a Secular Franciscan. I dont know if they would want me, or if I’ll even be allowed, but I know I am currently closer to my faith than I think I have ever been. A lot of it has to do with my last confession I think; getting the biggest secret I ever had off my chest, and pretty much starting over was a liberating experience. I have also joined a mens group at my Parish, “The men of veritas”, and that has been a big help as well. But the Holy Fathers words about st. Francis ring true to my heart, and I have to wonder if this is the way I should be heading.

“In Francis”, the Pope added, “love for Christ was expressed in a special way in the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist”.

I have to admit, it gives me no greater joy at mass than when I am a Eucharistic minister and I get to present the host to my chuch family. I cant help but smile, you know? You are helping people,why shouldn’t it be a joyous moment?

Another characteristic of the saint’s spirituality was “the sense of universal fraternity and love for nature which inspired him to write the ‘Laudes Creaturarum’. This is a very relevant message because … the only form of sustainable development is that which respects creation and does not harm the environment”, and “even the construction of lasting peace is linked to respect for the environment. Francis reminds us that that the creation reflects the wisdom and benevolence of the Creator”.

These things, they are all so……I connect with them I guess is what I’m trying to say. I feel a connection to the way St. Francis felt, what he believed, what he did. I think it was a beautiful thing, and I identify with him. Does that make sense?

The Secular Franciscans at my parish meet next on February 13th, and i think I may just have to be at that meeting.


~ by keystone28 on 01/26/2010.

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