Over the river and through the woods….

So it’s sleeting/snowing outside today. Exams are over, graduation is tomorrow, Christmas break begins next Wednesday, and I find myself in the position of not having a great deal to do at work these days. So what to do? I go outside, get into my golf cart, drive out to the edge of the woods surrounding our campus, and go for a walk. It’s a mountain bike trail actually, used by a few students for exercise and by a lot of deer crossing from one side of campus to another. But I like it, because it’s secluded and for one brief shining moment in my day, I can stand in the woods and listen to the silence. It’s not the silence of the woods out where I deer hunt, but it’s quiet enough to listen to the wind blow through the trees, far enough away from the cars and distractions for a few moments of prayer…..

In my Parish’ Mens group “Men of Veritas”, we are using a book entitled “ Signposts: How to be a Catholic man in the world today“, and in lesson 3, question 5, it asks: How do you prepare yourself to come into the presence of the Lord? For me, it’s as easy as a walk into the woods. I have always found my peace in Nature. Be it in the woods, or 500 miles from the nearest land, there has been something incredibly calming and humbling about the vast expanses of  Earth and space that soothe me, put me in a better frame of mind for praying than other scenarios. For instance, I can pray the rosary while driving to work, or while kneeling in front of a statue of the Blessed Mother, but I feel more connected, more in tune with things when I’m out in the woods. I should point out that when I mention deer hunting, it’s not so much an act of shooting  something, as it is me spending time alone in the woods, and as such, I always make time to pray the rosary. It just does me good….Hmmmm, maybe I need to spend more time outside?


~ by keystone28 on 12/19/2009.

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