Sinead O’Connor rips into Irish Catholic Church again on child-abuse scandal

By KENNETH HAYNES, Staff Writer                                                                                                                                                         Published Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 8:21 AM

IrishCentral editors received an email last night from Irish singer Sinead O’Connor — who once infamously ripped a photo of Pope John Paul II on “Saturday Night Live” in a bizarre protest against the Catholic Church — in which she rips into the Church again, and with seething rage.

In the email, which longtime Irish Voice music writer Michael Farragher verified is genuine in a telephone call with the star, O’Connor, 49, says she speaks “on behalf of all Irish artists” in protest against the child and sex-abuse scandal in which the Irish Catholic Church is currently embroiled.

As angry as her “letter to the editor” is, O’Connor went even farther in her conversation this morning with Farragher.

“I feel strongly that we are proud of our faith and feel completely betrayed,” she told him. “They are withholding documents still. When they are asked to produce anything, there has been no reply, not even a refusal.

“‘The Pope does not comment on these matters’ is what they say. That has made people even angrier. There is talk about calling for a boycott of Mass next Sunday. It will send a message if no one is in the pews. There is also talk about having the Irish ambassador withdrawn from the Vatican. The entire story can be found here.

I’ve read most of the story, and I really feel bad for her. How can one woman, with so much beauty and talent, be so angry at the entire body of the church? I don’t understand how someone can have such seething hatred for the Church, for the Holy See, and yet still pretend to be Catholic! One has to wonder; what is she really mad about? Because I don’t think it’s the church that has truly angered her, I think the church just happened to have the dumb luck of being in the line of fire.

At any rate, I’ll pray for her, that she can somehow calm the rage that seems to consume her so, and come to grips with whatever it is that has truly caused her to be such a hateful person.

Final thought, 12/9/9 7:59 A.M.

I suppose that after reading other articles about this, and having time to reflect upon it, that maybe I need to give her the benefit of the doubt. She may be just very angry about what seems like inaction by the church. If this is the case, I can understand her ire, but she should still not speak so harshly of the Pope and the Bishops, especially since she is not privy to the machinations of the Holy See and what may-or may not- be taking place in reference to this terrible string of events. The Pope is the successor to Peter, and as such, we should trust his judgement. After all, if we question the will of the Holy Father, don’t we question the entire foundation of the church?


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