A long look in the mirror..

OLMiraculousMedal_wpI have decided that enough is enough… I have hemmed and hawed over the summer with my faith. I have sinned, and I have sinned with full knowledge that what I was doing was wrong, and that what I was doing was displeasing to the Lord, but damn it, I was mad, and I didn’t feel like doing the right thing……..What a fool am I, to think that what I want, matters in the least bit. What a  fool am I to think that my decisions only matter to me, that they dont affect my wife, or my children…..What a fool am I, what a fool…..

I have had this epiphany in just the past few days, and because of it, I have done several things to get myself back on the proverbial high road. In passing, I heard someone say: “Our job on this Earth is to give our children every chance to go to heaven….WOW. I had never thought of it like that before, you know? So by me behaving poorly, being of low moral character and fiber, I was essentially telling my children that all this church stuff, all this dying for our sins, helping the poor and fortunate stuff was a load of horse hockey….But I didnt believe that, so why was I being such a selfish jerk?

In the end, I sat down and had a long, earnest talk with myself, then sat down again, and had an earnest talk with Father R. I changed the presets on my sirius radio to include the Catholic Chanel and EWTN, have started praying the rosary in the mornings again, and as an added boost, I have decided to consecrate myself to the Militia Immaculata (which is why I included the image above). I’m back folks, I hope you’ll forgive my absence here, and I hope you’ll stick with me as I try to crank this blog back up. Vivat Jesus! Pax et Bonum!!


~ by keystone28 on 11/03/2009.

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