42-19531412 Last year, I transferred from where I had worked for almost 7 years, to one of my companies other sites at a State run university. It’s 3 minutes from my house, is less stressful, and I actually get a lot of exercise, so it was a pretty good deal for me. However, in my journeys across campus, I have found myself having to visit a certain office that is directly next door to an atheist . He is a professor in the biology department, and he has this poster on his office door that has a picture of ear plugs and a blindfold on it, with the caption “Religion; It blocks out over 90% of all scientific thought”.

I pass this man’s door at least once a week, and every time I do, I resist the urge to pull that piece of paper down. If that’s what he wants to believe, fine, more power to him…I know he’s wrong, but he’s got the right to believe-or not to believe- what he wants, right? But I want to tear it down because it’s so disrespectful to others.

Why are atheists like that? Why are they always so angry I mean? Why do they feel that they need to show the rest of us how stupid we are for believing in God, that someho it’ their mission in life to save us all from our ignorance? My boss and another co-worker claim to be atheists, and I have to think that it’s just because they are so young that they dont know any better. I’m not pushy with my Catholicism; I dont evangelize or anything, but I don’t shy away from prayer at lunch time either. I figure, if I just act really cool about stuff, just “do my thing”, that maybe I’ll be that shining example of a “cool Christian” to them, and that maybe somewhere down the road, I would have been an example to them, you know? I dont want to be some kind of role model, I dont think I have a mission or something,but maybe, just maybe…..

So I hold my breath and move on down the hall, resisting the urge to tear that flier off of the door. I think I’ll go pray for that professor instead….

“I do not feel any contempt for an atheist, who is often a man limited and constrained by his own logic to a very sad simplification.”                                                                                                        ~G.K. Chesterton ~ (“Babies and Distributism” The Well and the Shallows)


~ by keystone28 on 07/01/2009.

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