Old friends….

42-21572595The problem with old friends sometimes is that they’re old friends…..I have a friend on facebook, a good guy, a guy I’ve always been friends with, for…well, I think we have been friends going on 24 years now.

I have recently been friendly with him, talking about current events,old friends recently found and those lost forever. I have also found that quite frankly?  I do not like him very much…..Every chance he gets to besmirch the name of the Lord, or to criticize the church, he does so. He cant seem to leave it alone, and like a good friend, I listen to what he has to say, counter it, and try to offer him some sort of insight into the church. I suppose I secretly hope he’ll “see the light” as it were, but nothing I seem to say ever makes a difference to him. He hates God,he hates Jesus, and he delights in trying to prove me wrong, and I have had enough of it.

I want to be his friend, and I tip-toe around outright theological combat with him, but I just cant stand by and listen to such hateful,disrespectful and immature rants. Am I wrong for this? I did not make a big deal about it, I just said I didnt feel like going on with the conversation (he was trying to convince me the only denomination that wasn’t full of horse feathers was the Jehovas witnesess), and I left it alone. I didnt “de-friend” him or anything, but I just took his notices off my list, and I’ll ignore his tripe from now on.

Aside from praying for him, I can’t think of anything else to do.


~ by keystone28 on 06/26/2009.

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