42-15536055 I wake up , fuzzy, unsure of why I have all of a sudden been called into the land of the conscious, and then I realize it is morning. The dawn struggles to rise, a dull purple bruise across the horizon now, heralding a new day.

I fumble around for the things I need to start the morning, hang my towel up to dry and get dressed. As the morning progresses, things fall into place; my breakfast, morning coffee, the ride into work. The one thing that really seems to be missing these days is prayer. For the longest time, I prayed the rosary on  my way to work every day. I might not get to it on weekends, but Monday thru Friday, I recited the prayers and felt the beads between my fingers for………well over 5 years.But just in the past few months, the desire, the urge to pray seems to have gone away.

I’m sure -though I hate to admit it-  that it’s partly because I’m angry over the death of my Father In law. He was my friend, a mentor, someone I looked up to and he’s gone now, and that makes me mad.

Am I mad at God? no, I dont think so, it’s not his fault my Father In law got cancer, but I’m still mad, though why I cant really say why. So this has affected my prayer life, my relationship with God, and I dont want that, so I start anew with a blog. I dont want to repeat other blogs or Catholic news stories verbatim, I simply want to relate how things are going for me.


~ by keystone28 on 06/17/2009.

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