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1661715_10152341052469871_8419702490613379664_nGrowing up here in Charlotte, I knew who Jim and Tammy Baker were.  I knew their empire was just down the road from us, I saw them in the more affluent malls in Charlotte, their son Jay and his older sister sometimes hung out at some of the same parties me and  all my punk rock friends frequented. So I saw their extravagant lifestyle, I knew the score on them. I also knew of Jerry fallwell, Jimmy Swaggart & Pat Robertson, always telling us we were going to hell unless we gave them money, and I knew, I just knew they were all lying thieving hypocrites who wanted nothing more than to fleece the ignorant , making them part from their hard earned meager cash, and I hated them for it. I really did, and I wanted to see them all fall from their lofty perches. I was mad at God too, for letting them steal from the faithful, and maybe I hated God a little too. But I knew, I always knew, Pope John Paul II was a good man. I always knew he truly cared about the world and the people in it, and I always had -and always will- a special place in my heart for him. he was at the core of my first real experiences with the Catholic church, and I cant help but think his influence in my life has led me to where I am today. So I am really happy to see he is being canonized this weekend.


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It’s amazing what can happen in a year! This was the biggest change in my life, a Vertical sleeve Gastrectomy. I finally decided to take the plunge and make the life change. So far I have (as you can tell from the before (left side)after (right side) pictures)  I have lost over 100 pounds. This has been a really good experience for me, and has affected me in more ways than one. I think I am far more compassionate towards overweight people now, as I have “been there, done that”. I was never really cold or indifferent to them per se, but I think I have more compassion for them, more empathy.

It’s funny how these things happen; How you go into it with one goal in mind, yet you end up with far more than you expected. It makes you realize how it’s all truly a gift from God.

How time flies!

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One year and 4 months,  thats how long it’s been since last I wrote here. I guesd I kind of gave up on blogging, sucked into the mire of Facebook, discouraged by no traffic here. But then, was I really doing this for recognition?  Or was I doing it for myself?

A lot has happened since last I wrote. A lot of good things, maybe a few bad too, but theyve led to even better things! I dont know what Word Press has done, but right now I can only access it via my phone, and I abhor writing on my phone, so lm cutting this short . …., But I promise to be back soon.


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Baton Rouge Airport is not  a very large place, in fact it can be completely walked from end-to-end in less than 10 minutes. I have spent the last three hours of my life here, and I think I’d rather just stay here. There is nothing holy for me to reflect upon today, but I honestly think I’m supposed to be here. Of course I’ll have to go back to North Carolina, and I’m sure desire to stay in Louisiana will fade with time.

But I can’t help thinking a much more meaningful life awaits me here. Maybe it’s because I don’t get to spend very much time here, and that makes everything seem so much more fantastic, but I feel a spiritual connection with this place. I love that they have their own Catholic tv station… Not EWTN, but one run by the Baton Rouge diocese! How cool is that?

That’s the thing, Catholicism is soooo strong here, its as if it is a special connection, like the church gets a little more attention here than in other parts of.the country.


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So the new year finds me in a hotel room in Baton Rouge I was supposed to vacate 24 hours ago, waiting for a plane I was supposed to board 24 hours ago. It’s not my fault, I was depending on someone else who told me we were leaving today, when we were actually supposed to leave yesterday. It’s noones fault really, we looked at this time and that time so many times, everyone was confused. I just have the unique position of being as innocent in this as both my children.

But it’s got me thinking about responsibility, or the lack thereof, and since it is the new year, I think I may have found my resolution framework. I have to be a better Father, and a better husband. I’m tired of making the same mistakes, and I need to change this, and now.

Short fuse

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I know, I know. Long time no see right? Well, sometimes life has a way of getting out of hand and you find that something that you really love to do you’re no longer doing. For instance, I love to write in journals. I love the feel of the book in my hands I love how anything that I want to put on the paper I can put there. Drawings, homes, lottery tickets that were almost my way out of poverty, just anything you want to put in it, there it does. And I always start of a new journal that this time it’ll be different I’ll keep up with it on a daily basis, and then 2 years
go by and I’ve got 20 pages written then. The same holds true with blogs but never say die, I’m going to try this once more. I’ve got a new phone that has voice commands so I’m hoping that maybe that will help me to express myself a
little bit more. We’ll see.



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